Spending Time on the Beach as a Child

One of my favorite activities growing up as a child on the island of Guam was going and spending time on several of its beaches. Our father would take us on either a Saturday or Sunday to NCS Beach, Tarague Beach or Ypao Beach. My brothers and my sister will spend hours swimming in turquoise hued waters clear enough on both days to see sea life.

The island was surrounded by reefs so the waves that hit the shore were gentle enough for us to play against unless the tide was coming in which added some excitement to our play.

Our father would make a game of throwing sea cucumbers (“balati” in Chamorro) which would leave a sticky residue that was hard to remove. We would all get into a big throwing fight. This was especially fun for his four sons.

We also built sand castles and forts. We caught little sand crabs and explored the jungles that were by the beaches. We had countless barbecues under the hot tropical Pacific sun.

It was really an idyllic setting for a child growing up. I am sometimes wistful for those moments when life was carefree. I am thankful that I can revisit them in my memories.

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