A Massage…A Friendship

One of the nicest experiences that I had while vacationing at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was while getting an in-house massage in the Villa where we were staying. It is not for the obvious reasons you might be thinking. Don’t get me wrong the two massages that I received were great but it is what I learned about the people of the Puerto Vallarta through the Masseuse that I found so valuable.


Alex from The Blue Massage Spa

Alex from The Blue Massage Spa




Alex (Alexandro) was assigned to give massages to Gary and I from the Blue Massage Spa Company.  I recommend this group to anyone visiting Puerto Vallarta for both excellent service and reasonable prices.


The first thing you noticed about Alex is piercing green eyes.  He is very striking. He is also the consummate professional. There were two of them that came to the villa and Alex was definitely the one in control and who knew what to do on an on site visit. He is also very personable. I felt immediately comfortable with him.


During both my sessions we talked a lot and I asked him questions about Puerto Vallarta and his life.  One of the most compelling things he shared was how he met his girlfriend.  He told about how during his younger years he led a rather reckless life and that it was not until he discovered metaphysics that he turned his life around.  He spoke a lot about its principles and why he found purpose in them.


He loved the beach and one day he kind of through his heart into the cosmos and wished to find a woman to be the love of his heart.  Soon after that day on the beach, he met his beautiful girlfriend there in Puerto Vallarta. He showed me a picture of her. The two of them could grace any of those Hollywood celebrity magazines.  They make a wonderful looking couple and you could tell they are genuinely in love with each other.




Since they live together, it has been especially difficult for him to gain favor in his girlfriend’s father’s eyes but he is working on it. There is bravado in Alex when it comes to his love for his girl.   It is passion that is prevalent in the Latin culture and is also seen in my Chamorro culture in Guam.  Love is taken on like a fiery consuming part of life. There is no middle ground. I love it.


I also learned that both of them worked really hard and long hours.  Like many young couples all over the world, they are trying to make their way and build their lives together.  You want to cheer them on and wish them all the best. Alex showed me more pictures.


Through his stories and his sharing, it only confirmed what I was already learning that the people of Puerto Vallarta are beautiful inside and out.  It was a pleasure being a guest in their home town.  It was a privilege meeting them.


Alex always gave me a hug after each session.  He made me feel like a friend. He asked me for my business card and told me that he wanted to email me and keep in touch. I told him to do that and let me know how he and his girlfriend are doing.


Who knew that a massage could start a friendship?





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