Hasso I Mañaina ( Remember Our Past , Our Ancestors)

The ancient Chamorros of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

The ancient Chamorros of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

As modern society encroaches on the native culture on Guam, people who trace some of their heritage to the ancient Chamorros share in this bond that has kept the memory of that culture alive today.

I found the video above compelling and a reminder of who I am.

The Chamorro People

Source: http://www.visitguam.org

The question of the origin of the Chamorro race has never been settled to the satisfaction of ethnologists, but archeological evidence indicates that the ancient Chamorros were of Indo-Malayan descent. Linguistic and cultural similarities tie the Chamorro race to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. While the Chamorros settled throughout the Marianas archipelago, they flourished as an advanced fishing, horticultural, and hunting society. Chamorros were expert seamen and skilled craftsmen who built unique houses and canoes suited to this region of the world. They were also familiar with intricate weaving and detailed pottery making.

Guam possessed a strong matriarchal society, and it was through the power and prestige of the women and much of the Chamorro culture, including the language, music, dance, and traditions, was able to survive.

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