Adamo Ruggiero – An Openly Gay Actor Playing a Gay Character

Adamo Ruggiero

Adamo Ruggiero

Degrassi High’s Adamo Ruggiero who plays Marco on the show is one of Hollywood’s few young openly gay actors who plays a gay character on a TV show. Degrassi High has been a popular N Network edgy and progressive show about teens.

Ruggiero has been able to play out a storyline that in many ways he says reflects his own coming out process. He has found out that through this character and his celebrity, many young LGBT people have seen him as a role model.

Gay youth issues and life have been addressed in many different ways through the character of Marco that has certainly earned Ruggiero some acclaim.

He has become involved in many advocacy efforts around LGBT rights. Ruggiero is especially sensitive to the youth and their need for support when coming out.

Hitting the big screen this year will be Ruggiero second movie endeavor and first outside of the Degrassi franchise called Make the Yuletide Gay.

10 thoughts on “Adamo Ruggiero – An Openly Gay Actor Playing a Gay Character

  1. Its great to see actors who are gay come out the closet. I’m very openly gay and have always been a very fem boi. todays day and age why should we have to hide .remember closets are for clothes! sexual preference ,ah , who cares, we are who we are, and if your honest with who you are ,then why shouldnt we be honest with everyone else.

  2. i love marco, he is one of the best actor on the degrassi. if marco was to stop playing the role on the degrassi i would not watch the show anymore because he puts the excitement into the show which makes me want to watch it over and over everyday. i wish i could meet him onday it would mean alot to me

  3. Oh My Goodness. He is amazing. He is one of the few who will come out about their sexuality. Not many celebrities would do that. You know those kinds who will keep it to themselves because they are scared about what people will think. He’s a GREAT ROLE MODEL!!!!! LOVE YOU ADAMO<3

  4. I have only one thing to say ” Much love from Atlanta GA” keep up the great work and come see me in Atlanta please !!!!

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