Lambert, Gokey, Allen Lead American Idol Competition

With the theme “Most Downloads on iTunes” the Idols chose an eclectic group of music to perform but again the scale tipped in favor of the guys, three of them specifically. They were: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert , Danny Gokey

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert , Danny Gokey

Lambert’s updated “Play That Funky Music” was another stellar performance which highlighted his stage presence and vocal range. It was fast pace and different for last week’s more controlled and moving ballad. Again, it continues to validate the star power of this performer and his consistency on bringing something different and new to idol stage every week. He is always worth the watch.

Adam Lambert - Play That Funky Music

Adam Lambert - Play That Funky Music

Kris Allen gave the best performance since he started this competition with a unique and soulful version of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” His confidence and artistry has grown so much to make him a real contender for the title. He also played on the piano which was a great move from his normal guitar instrument accompaniment.

Danny Gokey gave the most moving and heartfelt vocal performance of the song, “What Hurts The Most” which brought out the best of his range. Gokey is best with these types of moving ballads which come directly from his heart and he is able to emote like no one on that stage.

I was most disappointed in the performance by Matt Giraud who turned in awkward performance which was due to a wrong song choice and not in the jazz genre/ R&B genre he should stay in to bring out his vocals.

Megan Joy has got to go. I mean it.

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