Mormons Urging Mormons to Support Gay Marriage


Recent legislative events have shown gay marriage support rise across the country as more and more people recognize the civil rights of the LGBT community.

When Prop 8 was being considered for passage by the voters in Calif. this past election an organization of Mormons from the site: released this video targeted to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and other Christians who truly want to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ regarding the rights, marriages and families of LGBT people.

I think amidst the growing anti -gay marriage efforts again by the Mormons and Christian fundamentalists, it is appropriate that this video is released again. It speaks to their language and reasoning.

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6 thoughts on “Mormons Urging Mormons to Support Gay Marriage

  1. If the government legalizes the marriages of same-sex couples, solely based on sexual attraction, on what basis can it deny the marriage of two men and three women, or a brother and sister that claim to be sterile?

    The fact is, marriage is between a man and a woman because it’s in society’s best interest. Anyone can claim their “civil rights” are being trampled by the majority, but that doesn’t make it so. A man that wants to marry his goat can claim his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is being violated because his desires are illegal. Should we change the laws just because he protests? There are a host of moral, sociological and constitutional reasons that gay marriages should not be legalized. This is just one of them.

  2. Riverstone, you bring up some interesting points….dumb, but interesting.

    Marriage as it stands as a civil right (which is all we homosexuals are asking for, our equal civil rights) has to do with forming a partnership based on more than just sexual attraction…I think we all know after a while sexual attraction is one of the least important things to make a marriage solid. Maybe your experience is different? Did you fall out of sexual attraction with your spouse and divorce them, or vice versa? How disrespectful to the concept of marriage to say it’s solely based on sexual attraction….Kinda shallow too.

    As for allowing marriage to a goat, that’s stupid as well. Goats are not able to consent to marriage with a person. Your slippery slope argument won’t support that slide, as we all know animals, inanimate objects, and all the other asinine examples people throw out to disrespect marriage as a institution aren’t able to get married at all! Marriage requires consent.

    As for the moral reasons against it, morality has nothing to do with it and you know it. Your bias has everything to do with it. It used to be immoral for marriage of two persons of mixed race to get married. But most of us kinda grew up and turned into adults…you should try that…you might like it. I know we would certainly appreciate it!

    There’s no sociological reason not to support and even encourage gay marriage, because the benefits to society of marriage are entirely stabilizing. If you believe in marriage as good for society, then restricting it to straights is hypocritical. If it’s good for straights to get married, then it’s good for the gays.

    There are NO constitutional arguments against gay marriage as marriage is not even mentioned in the constitution. In fact the only time it makes it into a constitution is when the fear-mongering right wing zealots whip up all kinds of hysteria and put it in. Are you uneducated about this, or just desperate to sound educated about it?

    Certainly there are some PHILOSOPHICAL debates about opening marriage up. But do you really want the government getting involved in philosophy when crafting law. Next thing you know there will be all kinds of social engineering of business and private contracts, etc. Exciting huh?

    How about the State judging which couples are appropriate to get married? “Do they love each other enough? Do they have agreeable temperaments? Will one be able to support the other enough, in the State’s judgments?” Kinda dangerous territory for you to encourage…Makes me wonder if the State would question your marriage rights, based on low intelligence, or at least the ability to think things through…

  3. Thanks. I usually try to approach discussions like this with some formality, but the absurdity of the comment required a certain amount of sarcasm and my patience had run out.


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