Coming Out To Your Boss by Daniel Leary

Photo courstesy of Dana Patrick

Photo courstesy of Dana Patrick

When should you come out to your boss? Daniel Leary with the help of Michael Wright, EVP and Head of Programming for TNT, explores this topic.  A lot of humor underlies this serious interview. Thanks for posting this video!

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Daniel Leary ( Photo Courtesy of

Daniel Leary ( Photo Courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Coming Out To Your Boss by Daniel Leary

  1. I had seen the Dinner Parties episode on Logo…I thought it would be a more tongue in cheek series. This episode seemed disconnected to me, as though there were no pre-interview to establish the tone or line of questioning….I’m just saying….

    Other than that, I think there were some gems in the back and forth and I appreciate your posting it.

    Do you have any coming out to bosses or clients(!) stories? 😀

  2. I had just moved to SF back in 1998 and was never really out in my work place much at all there, and I didn’t just jump right out of the closet, as it were, when I started work here. I guess the NC/east coast mentallity was really instilled in me that personal stuff was kept personal at work, except to your closest friends…

    My boss, of course, was a complete unknown to me, in that I didn’t network to get the job. It was a recruiter placed position and I didn’t know anyone there.

    About 6 months or so into the job, I was with him and a consultant at our lab site, talking in one of the offices about the company, the economy, current events. I was mostly listening actually, not talking. Somehow the subject came up about gay people, maybe it was Pride, or some topic in the news, I don’t remember why. He mentioned something to the effect of not having any trouble with gay people, he just didn’t understand why someone would choose to live like that…I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t say much of anything, although the consultant (an older gentlemen, perhaps a little more liberal than my boss) said that he didn’t think it was a choice…and my boss actually said something to the effect of “Well, Robert, you’re haven’t said anything, but I guess being from the South we can guess how you feel about it.” It was almost surreal. I never officially came out to him, even though I worked for him for another 2.5 years. Maybe someone else mentioned it, maybe not. He could be kind of obtuse about some stuff like that.

    There are none so blind as though who will not see.

    Other than that, it’s always been mentions of “my boyfriend and I” or similar that out me…I try not to make an all-singing-all-dancing production of coming out, mostly because it’s not needed (they already saw how I walk when I interviewed!). Haha!

    Anyway, that’s one of my most memorable “coming out at work” related stories….

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