Smallville Ends Season with Great Writing and Tragedy


One of the longest running series of the CW, the surprising Smallville continues to enrapture audiences with its unique take on the story of the Man of Steel.  The series finale was no  different.

The sequence ends with the destruction of Doomsday (played by Sam Witmer), (the sympathetic, but murderous, villain) under the hands of Jimmy Olsen (played by Aaron Ashmore).  It was dramatic with an almost Greek tragedy flare. It also highlighted that both characters were flawed and that there was an emotional investment by the audience in their deaths.  The mourning was heartfelt.

Clark Kent ( Tom Welling), who has clung hard to his humanity, is so stirred by the events that he emotionally shuts down.  He declares that his vulnerability has been the result of his efforts of trying so hard to be human.  The real truth is , in layman’s terms, the hurt has been too much for him.  Leaving his best friend, Chloe (played by Allison Mack), he wanders off into the darkness.

This is just a piece of the writing that is inter meshed with the special effects and the other superhero parts of the show. Smallville is about the characters and the great human questions that we all face about ourselves.  There are no easy answers. We are all flawed and the difference comes down to our intent.  Like Clark, there are days that are so bad, that we shut down.

If you have not watched the show, catch it on DVD or somewhere online.  It is really good. The cast members are also easy on the eyes.

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