Lambert is a True Winner Without the American Idol Crown

Superstar Adam Lambert Photo: Merritt/Getty

Superstar Adam Lambert Photo: Merritt/Getty

Everywhere I have gone since the big results came in on Wednesday night, people have been talking about it. Forget the economic woes, forget that California voters just turned down some budget measures that now will force major layoffs and severe budget cuts, forget the continuing crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Middle East and diverse places of Africa. What were people talking about? Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen on American Idol.

There was no middle ground to these opinions. People were either happy about it or angry about it. People blamed the media, the American Idol Producers, homophobia, the religious right, and aliens, you name it….blame was being thrown out everywhere.

The results have been interpreted and analyzed to get a sense of the American public’s behavioral trends to try to explain why the vote came out the way it did. Great, our consciousness is being measured from the intelligence of tween girls.

We really need to understand it was simply a vote and the majority won.

We need to take our lead from Adam who will no doubt brush off some off that glam dust and simply continue onward on that quest towards superstardom. He was the most talented contestant who brought something so unique to the stage. He really only needed the Idol stage to showcase his talent and to gain a fan base.  He did not need the trophy.  He will get that Grammy one day.

We wish both him and Kris great careers! We looked forward to their first albums!

2 thoughts on “Lambert is a True Winner Without the American Idol Crown

  1. That’s the issue. The majority did not win. A minority exploited questionable voting practices to force the win. I don’t have any dislike for Kris. He’s a good guy, but the only Idol on that stage was Adam. Those who argue that it’s a popularity contest and not a talent competition may be right, but even so, the most popular did not win either. A very vocal minority won Idol for Kris which means, the rest of us might as well not even bother to vote.

    I wonder if the vote riggers will also be able rig album sales.

    And I love how all these polls keep popping up about how Kris won. They include every option except the truth. I would really hate to be Kris right now. It can’t be a good feeling to win that way.

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