Guam Lament – A Poem


Guam Lament

With each sunrise:

I see Spaniards in their battle dress
trade musketballs for slingstones,

Killing innocence with guns and clothes
and Mass,

And feel three hundred years of pain;

I see a Japanese lieutenant watch Old Glory
touch the ground and order up the banner
of the rising sun;

I see fear and hatred written on the face
of Guam, and feel her thwarted anger —

See Guam’s hopes reborn, despite her pain…

Her spirit alternately wax and want
throughout those strife-filled years,

Her spirit soar with expectation at war’s end;

I see post-war love of comfort poison Guam,
and feel such saddness for her soul —

Ask myself what can be done to change
this trend.

There is no turning back, I know;

But clearest heads must guide our Guam
to paths of reason —

Help her fight addiction to life’s dross,

And help her find her future in the golden spirit
of her ancient past.

12 July 1980

All poems Copyright © 2009 by Mason Johnson

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