It is Not Enough, President Obama

President Obama

President Obama

Here we are again.  Yes, we have a supportive President.  He has been empathic to our cause. It has been a better environment for us.  However it has not been enough.  In fact, if we are not diligent, it could fall by the wayside.

President Obama has not moved forth quickly to end the antiquated Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the military.  Despite campaign rhetoric that seemed to indicate a swift end to it, the Obama Administration seems to have gone into slow motion on this one.

Excuses like the pressing priorities of the economy and war on Iraq are good deflectors, but political expediency is the more likely reason. This president is trying to get broad agreement across many parties on some tough challenges and this might be an issue that he does not one to broach yet.  My answer – Too bad, broach it.

There has been too much collateral damage of honorable men and women who have been discharged simply because of their sexual orientation. What a great loss to the country of talent that is needed in the arm forces. The groundless argument that LGBT demoralize troops is one that is perpetuated by the same old boys club and religious bigots who wanted to keep women and blacks out of the military at one point in history. It is time that we completely break down that network and allow  our country’s military to fully realize its optimum potential.

Marriage Equality for all, including same sex couples, is the capstone of the major civil rights movement of our day for LGBT individuals. This is about treating all citizens the same under the law.

Even President Obama has stated publicly that he sees marriage between a man and a woman and would rather have LGBT couples be placed under the second class citizen designation of domestic partnership.

It is an issue soaked in religious interference and deep bigotry.  States have both legalized and denied it. Some of our own have even given up on it.

However, on this issue alone we must unite as a community and our supporters must unite fully to make this a federal right for all Americans.  Whether one chooses to marry is another issue. Having the right to marry should not be denied to citizens simply because they are same sex couples.

We must show President Obama that the vision he gave us with the words, “Yes, We Can!”,  we actually took  to heart.  We have embraced it and we believed it.  It has become our mantra.

So, President Obama it is not enough!  We need to have all rights fully and equally.

2 thoughts on “It is Not Enough, President Obama

  1. I’m tired of the states’ rights argument. Loving v Virginia was a U.S. Supreme court decision that said states couldn’t restrict marriages based on race. Also education is seen as a state’s right but Brown v Board was a federal decision that said state-run schools couldn’t discriminate based on race. I wrote a post about this, if you’re interested:

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