Adam Lambert Comes Out on Rolling Stone – Duh!


Adam Lambert comes out in the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Adam Lambert – Gay?!?!  Yawn….   Ok,  now that is finally out of the way. Not really news.

He has signed a record deal.  I cannot wait for his first album.

Rock and Roll Daily, Rolling Stone

Neil. G. Giuliano, President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), who said, “As more and more Americans get to know gay and lesbian people, it has a tremendous impact in terms of creating awareness, understanding and acceptance of our community. American Idol has become iconic in our culture, and as Adam continues to share his story during his post-Idol career, we hope his decision to live openly and honestly inspires gay people and opens the hearts and minds of his fans and others he will continue to entertain.

2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Comes Out on Rolling Stone – Duh!

  1. Yeah, he’s ten kinds of tasty. 🙂 But if you want really, really gay without the bother of coming out, look up the video Joe Jonas did where he’s wearing a black catsuit, high-heels and lip-synching to Beyonce. It’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, and I watch gay porn!

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