Lina’s Images of Guam

My dear friend of many years, Lina Flores, recently took a trip back to Guam, and was kind enough to share some of her photos with many of us on Facebook. For those of us who were born and who grew up there, it brought on a wave of homesickness. It was a beautiful place to grow up in and she was able to capture some really intimate and poignant shots of the island.

I received her permission to post her pictures on my blog. Thanks, Lina, for giving us glimpses of home.

Lina Flores

Lina Flores

Quotes of Lina about her photos from Facebook:

“I was fortunate to spend some time going around the island during my visit this month to see again all the beautiful views of the ocean, beaches and natural splendor of the island. I dedicate this album especially to all my FB peeps who grew up on or call Guam their home; if it wasn’t for all of you, I would not have enjoyed this particular visit as much as I have!!! Thank you so much for making this trip so memorable and special for me!”

“Ai Adai! The wonderful trip back home to GUAM is winding down and my visit to island paradise is ending soon…..for all of you who are off-island and once lived on GUAM, I took the photos esp. for all of YOU– you know who you are! And for those I got to see again or meet for the first time; well look for your photo, as you are tagged as well!!!”

“To all my FB peeps: believe me when I tell you I thought about all of you while I was taking the photos, knowing they would be enjoyed and judging by your comments, much appreciated!! Thanks to all of YOU for inspiring me!!!”

“Just posted beautiful scenic photos I have been taking during the course of my trip on GUAM – the island is just BLAZING with all the flame trees in bloom; the sunsets are just gorgeous as ever; folks– there is no place like HOME!!!:-)”

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