A Tribute to My Brother David and His Sweetheart Reina


Saturday is the funeral of  the sweet wife of my brother , David.  Her name is Reina Arce Leddy.  When they were married the theme song of their wedding was the song from Ice Castles ” Through the Eyes of Love.”

My brother is going to be singing that song to his sweetheart at the funeral.  Music was central to their lives. It embodied their love. She passed away suddenly and in this overarching tragedy, it is their love that shines through.

I honor her and my brother. I am humbled by their love so rare.

5 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Brother David and His Sweetheart Reina

  1. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful couple. Thank you for sharing.

    I never met them but I feel as if I know them through all the stories from Tim. I feel their hearts and I can visualize her spirit flow throughout the family. JP, as this song is playing I cry joyful tears to not have met a wonderful woman in person, but joyful tears to be apart of a woman so miraculous I can feel her in my soul. One love so rare, one love we are all blessed to witness. May Reina fly with the winds and rest in blessed peace. To Dave, your love with Reina will endure all, continue to believe and keep your faith. Smile for she is smiling right at you. Live, for that is Reina’s life she has instilled in you. Laugh for they are always the sound of music she filled in your heart. Blessed be!

    Love always,

    Let go of your tears
    and you will see the light.
    Let go of your worries
    for tomorrow will be all right.
    Let go of your troubles
    or you may lose your peace
    Let go of your fears
    so you may find your dreams
    You will find your life
    is more reasonable to live.
    You will find your burden
    getting lighter like your soul.
    You will find happiness
    always waiting on your way.
    You will find heaven
    getting nearer each day.

  2. Wonderful tribute. True Love is rare and you say it so well. God talks to us in sad moments, and music brings the feelings out of us at these moments. Very nice. My thoughts and prayers with you in this sad time.

    Your Friend,

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