Reuniting with Mel and Joe


There is something about seeing old friends from High School after many years that somehow brings life to a full circle. One of the many positive parts about returning to Guam even under the difficult circumstances was meeting up with my best friends from High School, Mel and Joe.

I have known Mel since Elementary School. In fact, his family was my second family. I would ride my bicycle to his home on weekends to spend the day there.  Mel loves to raise fish and has always had several aquariums and ponds. At one time he wanted be an Ichthyologist.

I met Joe through Mel in High School, after I transferred in from Catholic School. Joe and I are actually related; Joe was our comedy central and brought more laughs to our little triad of friendship.

In High School, we were inseparable.  We were involved in Student Government, AFJROTC, Junior Achievement, Chamorro Club, Youth Week, and the list went on and on.  We had so many adventures and we had our dramas.  We laughed together, we argued, we worked on projects together, and we also grew in our different ways.

Life happened after graduation.  We all moved on our different paths.  I left Guam for BYU and became a Mormon.  Mel and Joe followed divergent paths.

Joe was the first to come out.   Then a few years later Mel came out.  I was the straggler that finally came out last.  So we were all gay.  Duh?!!?  Anyone who knew us in High School would not be that surprised.

Mel directs the retail operations of the exclusive LeSportsac and Joe is an accomplished florist and event designer.



Now here we were in the Hyatt Hotel being hosted by Mel at the wonderful Niji Restaurant enjoying a great Japanese Brunch Buffet with all you can drink Champagne.  We talked for hours. It was like we were continuing our conversation so naturally from years ago, Yes we were older, Yes we have experienced so much of life. However, there was enough of those High School boys still left in us to still laugh and gab the hours away.

We even left for the local Haagen Dazs for coffee and the guys wanted some ice cream but it was mostly to continue to talk.

Time may aged the body but it only magnifies and matures the wonderful taste of great friendships.  It was nice spending time with you, Mel and Joe.

One thought on “Reuniting with Mel and Joe

  1. sounds like fun….wish I had been there! 🙂 And hey I added humor to the group too in High School! 😛

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