Torchwood: Children of the Earth – Fantastic!


There is something rare in television when a series in its last year does something incredibly genius that it delivers its most memorable piece of work as its final send off.  This is what BBC’s Torchwood did when Season Three was limited to 5 episodes. They made it to a mini series.

Torchwood ” Children of  The Earth”  is one of those masterpieces of science fiction lore that is so well written that it goes beyond the high tech imagination and explores human psyche both as a group and the individual character. It shows the worst of human kind and the best of us.

Even if you have never seen this series you would still love this story. I was amazed at the development of the characters of Captain Jack Harkness ( John Barrowman).  We find out so much more about him. He is given horrendous choices and makes them at extreme sacrifices.  Ianto Jones’s (Gareth David-Lloyd) journey ends here in what is perhaps the most heart wrenching parting scene of lovers. For fans of the show, this was devastating.   The real gem of character development was Gwen ( Eve Myles) whose pregnancy becomes the moral dilemma against the backdrop of cruelty of humanity’s behavior when faced with a threat.

Watch the DVD when it comes out.  This is a keeper.  You will be moved.

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