My Introduction to Acupuncture

Okay, the thought of  a needle poking into me is not exactly my idea of a good time.  So when my friend, Ben Zappin, Acupuncturist and Herbalist, applied several needles all over my back and other parts of my body, I thought I was going to freak out.   I did not.   It was one of the of the best experiences of my life.

Ben Zappin

Ben Zappin

Ben is part of a chapter of a networking group I belong to called Business Networking International (BNI).  I had actually was able to win a free consultation at his practice at a raffle from our last chapter meeting.  It allowed me to enter a world I really never knew.

Ben asked me to meet at the East Bay Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic on Stuart Street on Berkeley. He practices out of there and also out of San Francisco.  He asked me to remove my shoes and socks and sit on the examining table and get relaxed. He visited with me and asked a lot of questions about my health, my diet, exercise, lifestyle, stresses and other things.

Ben Zappin

Ben Zappin

These past few weeks have been extremely impacting on my life with the death of my sister-in-law, my mother’s surgery and some personal stuff that I had been going through that I knew I had been undergoing some real stress.  I have also been finding myself going through a major transition in  my life which also is moving me through many changes emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

He also checked my pulse and pressed on my stomach and other parts of my abdomen , like he was making sure all my stomach and digestive organs were in place.

Ben started the procedure with me with the needles, once I took of my shirt and laid on my stomach. The needles did not hurt for the most part. I did feel a prick or two but it was a relatively pleasant experience.  I felt him manipulate the needles, and after that, he left me alone to “incubate.”

I fell asleep and rested deeply.  I was so relaxed.  I have not been able to let go like that in a long while.

Ben came in and woke me. The session was over but I felt so rested. My mind felt still and at peace.

He gave me an herbal supplement to help me with energy levels.

I slept like a baby last night.   I  really was surprised by the way acupuncture helped me.  Thanks, Ben.

Check out Ben’s Official Website

Biography of Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac.:

Ben is an herbalist with over 10 years of experience and a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. He utilizes his training in both Chinese and Western herbal traditions along with modern medical perspectives on herbs and nutritional healing to his work with clients. Ben’s training includes a 4 year apprenticeship with Michael Tierra, studies at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, studies at Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, China. He is co-director of American School of Herbalism in Santa Cruz, Ca., on the faculty of the East/West School of Herbology, and is a professional registered herbalist with American Herbalist Guild. (

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