BBC America’s Third Season of Skins Better Than Ever!

Kaya Scodelario as Effy in BBC America's Skins

Kaya Scodelario as Effy in BBC America's Skins

This is my third year watching the riveting and what I consider the best written and well acted dramas on television today, BBC America’s Skins.  It is an edgy, no hold barred look into the lives of young, urban youth in Great Britain.

There is a gritty, honesty to the plot lines that are so transparent in exposing what lies underneath the “skins” that we wear that borders on genius to me.  The stories literally grab me and I love these characters.  What is amazing is that in this third season, they have replaced nearly everyone in the original cast except for a couple of them. Literally, everyone else graduated and moved out of town.

Nothing has degraded in the new season.  It has actually gotten better and the stories are even richer. This is mainly due to the diverse writing staff made up of talented teens and experienced older writers who keep the story viewpoint always from that of a young person.  It is the key to the show’s success.

The New Boys of Skins

The New Boys of Skins

Skins should be used as a template for how to make good television and how to create good writing.  It is a gem of a show that I hope continues for a few more seasons because, frankly, nothing much exists out there that even ranks close to it in terms of quality.

There are a couple of stand –out performances.  Returning cast member, Kaya Scodelario, who plays the intelligent but slightly disturbed , Effy, brings such emotional depth to her role. She definitely is a break out star whose acting is not overwhelmed by her natural beauty.

Merveille Lukeba of Skins

Merveille Lukeba of Skins

Merveille Lukeba, who plays illegal immigrant, Thomas Tomone, is the strongest actor of the cast. He was introduced in the latest episode.  He immediately steals every scene he is in as the very likable Thomas from the Congo who is trying to bring his family into Britain. He runs into the lowest forms of society and stills keeps a positive outlook on life.  Lukeba is a superb actor who brings much to the role and there will be much buzz about this young man.

If you have not watched this show catch it on the BBC America.  The season has already ended its run on BBC in Britain.  Click here for the official web site:  SKINS

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