David Leddy- New Guam Chamber President – An Insight Into My Brother

My parents named him David Patrick Leddy.  He was their third son. He was born in San Diego, California while my dad, the late Herbert Sablan Leddy was stationed there with my mother Joyce Irene (Camacho) Castro Leddy Martratt.  He was born on August 27, 1963.


New Guam Chamber President David Leddy with Niece and Nephew

When Dad was medically discharged from the navy, we moved back to Guam in 1965.  David went to Santa Barbara School, Bishop Baumgartner Junior High School and then Father Duenas High School.  He also graduated from the University of Guam where he received his business degree.

He was the handsomest of the sons and also had the gift of song. My brother could sing and write music. He could also play the piano from ear. This has been his gift and we were blessed by it in the home. I can remember him singing “O Holy Night” every Christmas at Midnight Mass at the Santa Barbara Catholic Church in the village of Dededo in Guam.

He loved Bruce Lee movies growing up and he would especially like play acting all his moves with my brother Phil in our home’s carport. He played Little league.

New Chamber President David Leddy enjoying a family meal

New Chamber President David Leddy enjoying a family meal

The girls loved him.  I can still remember him getting phone call after phone from young girls at the home. He took it in stride but went through a little moment of conceit, especially teasing his older brothers about how popular he was, earning him a punch or two.

However, there is a lot of love between the siblings. We are each strongly opinionated but we are a close bunch. Recently, this was demonstrated, when my brother David lost his sweetheart, our dear sister-in-law, Reina.


New president: Newly appointed Guam Chamber of Commerce President David Leddy, right, smiles while being introduced by Chairman of the Board Frank Campillo, center, and Past Board Chairman and Executive Search Committee head Philip J. Flores at the Chamber office in Hagåtña yesterday. (Jacqueline Hernandez/Pacific Daily News/jhernande7)

They were closer than any couple I have ever known and exemplified what a marriage should be in the truest sense, love embodied in real partnership. Her death separated them but not his love for her. It is still written on his face.


Now he assumes the professional role she once held. They share the same vision, but my brother has a different leadership style and he will bring to the table his unique brand to the Chamber and Guam.

He has always been an entrepreneur at heart and he has always loved Guam.  It has been his home. He was educated, worked and married there.   He has great insight and experience that will be an asset to the business community and to the people of Guam. They are lucky to have him at the helm of the Chamber.

He is a visionary balanced by a practicality that has served him well over the years. His enthusiasm is backed by facts and proven endeavors. He is progressive and thinks out of the box which allows him to be adaptable to change.

David is known for a sense of humor that he has inherited from us Leddy’s.  It helps to make it through the rough patches.  He is also very down to earth.  He will no doubt reach out one on one to members, business people, and community and government leaders.  He does not live in an Ivory Tower.  He rolls up his sleeves and likes to mix it up with the people.

Yes, I am a proud older brother. I see him through that lens. But I also know his weaknesses and his strengths.  The Guam Chamber of Commerce could not be getting a better President.  Once in a while if a meeting gets kind of slow, ask him to sing.  Okay, he may just get me back for that suggestion!

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5 thoughts on “David Leddy- New Guam Chamber President – An Insight Into My Brother

  1. Hi Dave,

    This is Cathrina Palomo, I wanted to reach out to you and just keep an up-date of what we are doing in the schools. I am into marketing and networking among families on Guam. I am still very involved with Benavente Middle School and my Community Outreach and Part-time Business. I was wondering if I can be able to meet up with you sometime so I can introduce you to my group. The group I work with is a community and organization link for families looking for part or even full time income through revenue sharing. Our group is seeking for partnerships and other ways to promote healthy lifestyles, shopping and rewards that go along with what all members get by participating as a preferred member. I thought of you because of your business ideas. I still work with the schools and my children are growing up very quickly. Please continue to connect with me. I happen to run into your blog while surfing the net. I am still very much in touch with Jovie at Community First and continue to invite parents to be members. Very pleased to connect to you in this way. Feel free to drop me a line okay.

    Many Blessings to the family.


  2. Hello and Hafa Adai JP,
    It’s been so long since I have visited your Blog. I do enjoy exploring for new resources and sometimes recap on the places I have been. Dave yes of course is still a man I have come to respect when we worked together as volunteers for Guam’s Island Girl Power and Benavente Middle School. I have moved on to other schools basically take some of the programs founded and offer it to our surrounding school’s within our area. Please feel free to share or comment as well. So it’s been nice that your replying. Hope to hear from you soon and if Dave want’s to reach me too. He can at island.families101@gmail.com. Working to help youth and families through networking is one way to reach out no matter how far they are. Have a blessed day sir.

    Ms. Cathrina

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