Tweeting and Communicating – What I learned from Amos White

I was absolutely inspired this last week by a  workshop I attended sponsored by P-Shift Mortgage Solutions.  Amos White gave a presentation on Social Media that really caused me to have a whole paradigm shift with my whole way of thinking about the use of  it in business and even in my personal life.

Amos White

Amos White

He spoke about  each of  us becoming 3-D viewable to others using these social media tools. We are literally putting ourselves out to communities who already savvy on information.  They simply want to know who is most sensitive to their needs.   They want to know who is the most responsive.  The use of this technology effectively requires us to become more human.

Twitter and Face Book have become the steady daily and even hourly online social media centers on cyberspace.  We must master these more effectively by engaging them not in an artificial academic, sterile way but by simply projecting who we are better.

Amos White’s Blog is full of insightful thoughts and tidbits and he can also be followed on twitter. He loves to write Haiku.

I was enliven by this new knowledge that was given to me because I first met Ed  through networking and now I have met Amos.  It is the age old wisdom that when we meet person to person and really get to know each other, there is natural extension of building a relationship where caring builds and grows.  You learn about each other’s wants and needs, trust occurs, and then both people are able to recommend solutions ( business) to one another.  There are no hard sales in this scenario.

Social media allows another dimension of communicating sincerely at another level.

Wow!  What an exciting time we live in!

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