What Popped For Me On TV Last Week

This past week there were some highlights from TV that I just needed to write about today. One of the shows that came back fast and has found a spot in the fall schedule is So You Think You Can Dance. This is normally a summer program but it has been so immensely popular that it has found a place in the fall schedule.


Its summer season just ended and with the fall season starting up, fans are certainly getting their fill of SYTYCD. I find that contestants in this show must truly have talent because you cannot hide any kind of flaws in dance movement the way you can for example in a singing competition ( sorry, American Idol).  There is athleticism and artistry portrayed week after week as America gets exposed to innovative choreography representing all forms of dance.  This is one reality show worth the watch!

Glee makes me feel gleeful!  Yes, it is a musical comedy.  Yes, it is about high school. However, it is also about creative comedy writing that brings to life new characters to the small screen that are sure to be TV staples. The music is contemporary and flows well with the story. I think the break out performance is arch nemesis and head of the Cheerios, Jane Lynch, who plays the wickedly delightful Sue Sylvester.  Yep, America needs to get some Glee this fall.

Real World Cancun ended. What a f…ked up bunch!   I loved the show. Good looking dysfunctional 20 something year olds.  This installment was an especially guilty pleasure….goodbye CJ, Derek, Bronne, Joey, Emilee, Ayiiia, Jonna and Jasmine.


I think that one of the best and most underrated talk show hosts is Craig Ferguson. I saw part of his show where he was interviewing Neil Patrick Harris. Craig was masterful and entertaining.  I have to watch his show more. I will need to put it on my DVR.

Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson

Well, that’s it for this post!

2 thoughts on “What Popped For Me On TV Last Week

  1. JP,

    Alfredo and I watched this season of TRW as well, and I would be talking back the whole time to the “characters” on TV! I am sure it was annoying to hear me repeat how much of a skank Jonna is, and how Joey is repulsive, and how Emilee and Ayiiia are immature and never learn, how much of a pitiful stalker that Jasmine came off as with Pat. It a real guilty pleasure. Alfredo would ask, why do you watch it if you hate it so much?!? I don’t know…it’s just one of those things!

    Did you see the special “scenes that they didn’t show”? It had some interesting bits in it as well.

  2. Robert,

    I know it was like watching a train wreck week after week…but hell the boys were cute. I loved the boys against the girls battle that was going on in the house. I did not see the special scenes show….OMG! you mean there was more crazy stuff ?!? They should have called the show “Cuckoo Cancun!” I loved every insane moment, though….I admit it.


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