My Birthday and Love


Time has flown by so fast and my memories of my life to this point seem to randomly come to  view in my mind like clips from favorite episodes of past TV shows. Sometimes my life looks more like Seinfeld and then sometimes it is more like I Love Lucy.  There are times when it is like pure drama and then there are times when it is pure soap opera.

I guess when I sit down and think about it. Life is really about love. How do I love?  Do I love?

If in my life I had never known love, my life would have been completely empty. Yes, during my experience with love, in all its forms ( Agape –friendship/pure, Eros-passionate/sexual, Philia- virtuous, Storge – Natural affection/parental, Xenia- hospitality),  I have also known the heartache and pain of love lost.

However, to love is to live.

Today, I celebrated my birthday. I have heard from people I love wishing me the best. I have friends and family who have celebrated with me. I also realized that I am loved.


By: Sudhir Iyer

Was walking down memory lane,

Was walking on the beach,

Throttling the feelings of pain,

Keeping doubts out of reach.

Had a look at the sands of time

The hours when time itself stood still,

Could hear distant bells chime,

And I was walking while I still stood still.

Felt the heat of the sun beating,

Could sense an awe that the past left,

Saw the sheath of life fleeting,

Glimpses of what were there were best.

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