Bill Clinton’s Endorsement of Gavin Newsom

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California’s gubernatorial race took on some momentum with the endorsement that came for candidate Gavin Newsom from former President Bill Clinton. Such a significant endorsement for a state office candidate in a primary does not go unnoticed.

Newsom has been lagging behind the polls behind Jerry Brown, who many believe will officially throw in his hat for the governorship for the Democratic ticket soon.  This endorsement is seen to buoy up Newsom in low rating areas like Southern California where  he needs to gain more traction.

Personally, I support his candidacy.  He represents some innovative ideas that I believe we need in California. We do not need a regurgitation of the same old policies from the old guard.  Newsom has always been willing to take some bold steps.  This has not always made him popular sometimes but he has been an engaging leader of action.

Hopefully, with this endorsement, and many like it to follow, my fellow Californians will be convinced of the same.

Click on this link:  Gavin Newsom for a Better California

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