Marching for Solidarity, For Our Rights, To Be Heard!

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The March For Equality at our Nation’s Capital today for LGBT rights and equality overall recognizes the historic steps that have taken place and also the major hurdles that need to be overcome towards full legitimacy in our society.  President Obama this weekend has far reaching statements about ending the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the military and also about recognizing the rights of gays to be married. Progress – Yes.  Reality – Not Yet.

This is  the big civil rights movement of our time.  With the economic recession and health care burden bearing down on all of us, we have this fight for human dignity and recognition marching on in vigorous force. It is a grassroots movement of gays and straights, all Americans who realize that a democratic society who segregates and discriminates against the few, is not living up to its grand ideal.


The issues surrounding LGBT rights have been deeply mired in the interference of the right wing religious political agenda.  Conservative theocratic forces have been the driving opposition which has been actually the tradition in most anti civil rights movements in this country. It has been more about change in power structures than theocracy that has been the underlying motivation.  More hate rhetoric has been spewed in the name of Jesus woven into  fear propaganda campaigns appealing to the the lowest level of media lynching of the gay community.

The collateral damage over the years has been hate crimes against LGBT individuals, high LGBT youth suicides, discrimination on all levels, and even murder.  Yet upon the shoulders of the martyrs and those who have fought diligently, we have been able to see things change.   Our voices have gotten louder and we our courage has gone up a notch or two.

For those of us who are unable to march with our brothers and sisters in Washington D.C. today, we want you to know that march with you in spirit and in pride.  We support this great cause for the rights of all LGBT people.  It is more than a fight for our civil rights, it truly is for Equality for all.   March on, March on, March on.

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