Social Media and The Grass Roots Movement for Gay Rights

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Twitter,  Facebook, Blogging and other forms of social media continue to play an important role in the civil rights movement of this early part of the 21st century  of our country – the quest for equality for LGBT community or gay rights.

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This has taken many forms whether it be the movement for same sex marriage or the removal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.  The power of social media has been in its ability to light a figurative smoke signal throughout the internet to rally support either for a rally, a petition, a lobbying effort, or a fundraiser.

I saw this personally at work in the recent March for Equality in Washington.  It was used to spread the word and garner participants and support throughout the nation and the world.

As social media use continues to mature and its effectiveness improved, the tools are only as good as the passion to the issues of the individuals that are involved.  One to the great challenges to the LGBT community is to unite effectively on the many fronts of the civil rights movement and not become complacent with the victories and generally more favorable climate that is continuing to to exist in some areas of the country.

The reality of the situation is that full equality has not been realized and that gay rights are still something that our country has failed to achieve.  I hope that as these technological tools are available that we can truly take the grassroots tradition of community activism to the next level and realize our hopes.

6 thoughts on “Social Media and The Grass Roots Movement for Gay Rights

  1. I am looking for a grass roots organization in Columbus, Ohio or really anywhere in this country to join and be a part of fight for our civil right to marry as a same sex couple. I feel that organizations like HRC, Lambda Legal, etc are doing nothing. We have a democrat president, congress and senate. Now is our chance to be heard, take action, make things happen. Back in the late 80s ACT UP did a lot to bring AIDS issues to the forefront and attention to the media. That is what we need to do. We need to do non-violent but attention getting action for the media, the public. Gay people who out, those who are not should and action is needed. What happened in Maine, California is bullshit. We need to make our point, we need to disrupt straight people wedding ceremonies. Go to court houses and protest couple divorcing . If straight thing marriage is so sacred and only for straight people, why the divorce rate in the USA one of the highest.

    Please contact me. I am tired of HRC, GLAAD , Lambda Legal asking for money. I get request from all of them and I have given all i can give.

    Can you direct me to some grass roots group who is willing to stick their ass out and take action. Protest, media attention, use of the interenet are just some of the ways to get our message to our leaders in office, particularily President Obama. The people of color in the 60s didnt sit on their ass like the LGBT community is doing right now.

    Get me involved. email me. Call me 614 370 6854. I am very serious. I have time, the energy and passion to put fire to the LGBT movement. The right to marry is just the beginning.

    Chuck Kelley
    220 Westwood Road
    Columbus, OH 43214

  2. Hi Leone,

    Thank you for your comments. I love your blog. What a relevant way to marry social media and the civil rights movement of our day. I added your blog to my blog roll links.


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