The Voice of Jake Walden – Music to Pierce the Heart

Jake Walden

Jake Walden

Adding  his version of Bleeding Love that he duets with Bonnie Somerville, Jake Walden re-released his Alive and Kicking Deluxe Edition Album. With a voice that is clear in both pitch and emotion, Walden reaches down into his gut and moves the hearts of his audience with powerful emotional melodies. His take on Bleeding Love with Bonnie takes your breath away.

Jake Walden

Jake Walden

His music is his life’s journey from each emotional high point.

I saw Jake performed in San Francisco when he was on tour with Tom Goss. I remember being moved by his music but especially by his personal connection to his audience. He just exuded a sincerity that engaged all of us with him.

For those who watch his shows,  Walden has said, ”

“I hope they find that little place that somehow helps you make sense of something.anything.”

His web site:

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