In a season where people will costume their faces with various types of coverings masking their true identities in the spirit of good natured fun, I think of the invisible masks that we wear each day.

There is something about feeling vulnerable in our emotions that brings up protective shields in us as human beings. We learn from experience that when we put down those shields and have had those emotions trampled on, we become hesitant in letting them down again.

For some the trampling has been so severe that the shields never go do down and become iron locked. Their masks become faces of bitterness and disdain.

Most of us have layered masks depending on the situation and who we are interacting with at the the moment.  The masks peel off as the level of trust increases.  When there is full trust, there is no mask, but the real face.

At that moment,  there is such a freedom and a level of happiness to just be who one  truly is and that is the ultimate freedom.  Often when people refer to each other as soul mates or as best friends, this is when masks are stripped away.

Questions that you may ask yourself that I ask myself:  How many masks do I wear? With whom?  Why?  With whom do I not wear masks with? Why?   It just helps to self-reflect and even opens the door for change.

3 thoughts on “Masks

  1. please send me a picture of that mask not sure what it is called its a face thats half happy and half is crying

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