Wanda Sykes’ Late Night Talk Show Is A Must See!


Wanda Sykes

There is a new kid on the Late Night Show circuit and she has turn it upside down and put life into the genre.  I wish it was not only on on Saturday nights. It is the Wanda Sykes Show.

Yes, there is an Open Bar on the set.  Yes there is a super size Vanna White type Drag Queen assistant named Portia.  Yes, she has  prolific sidekick, Keith Robinson.  However, it is the no holds bar comedic style that is signature Wanda that makes this show work and makes it so fresh. It is also a very liberal  oasis on a network called Fox.

Sykes offers a catharsis of sorts for a nation wearied by the barrage of news from economic turmoil to foreign policy debates.  Her humor is biting and intelligent.  I found myself just laughing and enjoying the Wanda Sykes ride .  I mean I have not enjoyed a late night show like this one for a long time.

We need her voice and I hope she is around for a long time.

3 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes’ Late Night Talk Show Is A Must See!

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  2. I love this show, too. It’s been so long that a show made me laugh so consistently… I hope she’s here to stay!

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