Carefree Boyhood Joy Among Water and Sand

NCS Beach

I remember the warm sand running between my feet and my zories as I rushed through the area where the small waves hit the shoreline of NCS beach of Guam.  I used to love exploring the little craggy rock formations that made little islands that rose and sunk with the tides. They were often strewn with seaweed and other ocean debris.

I loved when small pools of water would form in the small little craters when it was low tide capturing one or two fishes and even sea crabs. They were like natural aquariums that would entertain my brothers and I for hours.

For young Chamorro boys, living on a small Pacific island with the beach and its wonders, was our very own place of imagination where our minds could wander off into epic adventures.   The clear turquoise blue Pacific ocean was a canvas which hid  below itself a colorful array of living creatures that had some element of danger-  but really was more fun than we ever could ever enjoy in one single afternoon.

I miss those idle sun filled days of carefree boyhood joy among water and sand.  I yearn for it now and then.

4 thoughts on “Carefree Boyhood Joy Among Water and Sand

  1. ….. i share your joy-as i grew up on this tiny tiny beautiful island as well. even the snowy days of colorado can’t keep my feet away from my zories. =)

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