Finding Newness in Strangers


There are times when you are out away from your normal group of friends and associates,  when you get engaged with strangers that brings out a newness in you and an exuberance that is rediscovered.

Last night was such a night.  I  went out to the same watering hole after work for Happy Hour to wait for my partner to finish at the gym.

I walked into the bar and saw some familiar faces of people I have seen there  before but never have really engaged in any lengthy conversations beyond the normal niceties and greetings. Some of them I have never met.  Rather than stand alone in the corner, I took the plunge and really started talking to several of them.

I found myself  enjoying the company and really getting to know some great guys.  I was laughing and enjoying the freshness of meeting new people and loving the discovery process of finding out about everybody.

There is something in the process that helps the soul.  It breaks the routine.  It is invigorating.  It is life affirming. It gets us out of ruts.

I thought of how tempting it is for us to not engage in life and to simply keep to our circles.  We simply become isolationists and stagnate.   That equates to staleness.  Often that socially means living death.

I know I went down that road.  It really is not that morbid.  Last night just taught me to reach out of myself.  It gave me back a wonderful time and new friends.

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