Modern Family – A Comedy Worth Watching

We were at our friends’ house ( Robert  and Alfredo ) for Thanksgiving.  We have enjoyed several Thanksgivings with them and this year the tradition was revisited.

During a break in the cooking, Robert asked us if we had seen the new sitcom Modern Family.  I had only seen the commercials for the show but never watched any of the episodes.  Robert had a recorded a show so we sat down to watch it.

Not since Arrested Development,  had I watched such a funny, well written comedy. There is no laugh track but our living room was filled with laughter. This show has the very funny, Ed O’Neill, who plays Jay, the patriarch Father  of  Claire ( the often “against type mom” )  and Mitchell ( the red headed gay son who adopted a little girl from China with his partner). Jay  also has been remarried to a gorgeous Latina ( Gloria)  who gave him a very adult thinking stepson named Manny.

Without giving too much away,  the writing on this show is the best on TV and it is beautifully synchronized with the great performances from its ensemble cast.

The banter between characters and the occasional wink wink to the audience is perfectly entertaining.  The laughs come sincerely because they are really funny! I mean there is this scene with one of the characters dressed as a clown at a gas station that was one of the best comedic scenes I have seen on TV.

There is so much nuance and intelligence in its comedic flow, that Modern Family is a definite must see of the season.

Robert,  thanks for introducing us to the show.

3 thoughts on “Modern Family – A Comedy Worth Watching

  1. Youi’re weclome! I really hope the show gets picked up for a 2nd season. It gets some critical acclaim but I don’t know about the ratings…

    The Fizbo episode is my current favorite! It was funny, but at the same time showed some great character work and development without being traeacly…or whatever the word for sickenly sweet and shmaltzy….

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