The Art of Colin Price – Acrylic, Watercolor and Ink Mastered

Beautiful Minds 2 Original Work by Colin Price

When I entered Given, a premier gift store and art gallery in the Castro District in San Francisco last night for the opening of the art show of  a good friend of mine, Colin Price, I did not expect to be mesmerized by his artwork.  I was and it took me by surprise.

Colin Price (center) with Given Proprieters

Colin Price ( Center) with Given Proprieters

I have known Colin and his partner Manny for some time now as I have seen them out and about in the Castro District usually at the occasional Happy Hour.


Manny enjoying the guests at the art show

Colin and I will sometimes engage in intellectual or sundry conversations. Manny, who is the more social one, is known to many mutual friends of mine. We enjoy his good-natured banter and friendly teasing. They are great guys and have a great relationship together.

I had never known Colin’s artistic talent.  He works in acrylic, watercolor and ink.  The first thing that strikes you about his paintings is the vivid colors against the very animal themed characters drawn in metaphysical form. There are some works were two species merge in and out of each other.

Not knowing Colin’s motivation, I see a definite influence with some African almost Asian innuendos in both color and themes.  Colin may not see that but from my perspective it seems like he draws from several places and traditions.

Gentle Soul by Colin Price

His use of color and the way the subjects have been painted in curving arcs makes them feel like they are in constant motion. It is compelling to view each piece and be drawn into the emotions that they take you to as you experience them.

These pieces of art were created  with the emotion of the artist as mind and spirit united in perfect unison with each brush stroke.

I especially loved the pieces Beautiful Minds 2 and Rebirth.

I encourage all of you who are in the San Francisco Bay area to drop by Given at 575 Castro Street and view his paintings.  If you have the means and want to give a wonderful Christmas gift to a loved one, original art from a talented artist like Colin Price….is..well..priceless ( excuse the pun).


Rebirth by Colin Price

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