Avatar – Delivers Movie Magic

Lush and Beautiful,  Avatar immediately took me into its world and I experienced the kind of movie magic that I had not felt in years. The 3-D effect was not merely a gimmick for the film but it became part of its artistic value and allowed the audience to experience the wonders of Pandora. I felt that that  I was not only viewing the film but actually in it in many ways.

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

The animation was woven in well with live action shots that it all became to be real to me.  Creatures and a whole new world were made possible because of these computer generated images.   Scenes took my breath and my imagination away.

James Cameron really produced what I believe to be his greatest film which also had one of  his most moving screenplays. The storyline centered on humanity own worst nature but also our discovery of our best nature in a few of the main characters.  The inclusion of Sigourney Weaver in the cast is brilliant.

This a must see film for anyone who loves the movies.  Yes, it is big budget and full of  special effects, but at its heart it is a movie with a central story that moves the heart.

3 thoughts on “Avatar – Delivers Movie Magic

  1. It’s obvious that american imperialism is accurately displayed in this movie. Manifest Destiny apparently will extend westward even into outerspace. Since this movie is based in the year 2154, it is a sad revelation of what may come if we do not do all we can to stop the oppression. From a CHamoru perspective, this movie portrays an indigenous people who were overlooked by the US Marines and multinational conglomerates all for more money and more power. In real life, similarities can be drawn between the Navi and CHamorus. Although the movie appeared to be created with greater similarities with Native Americans, the jist of it is that american imperialism, whether it be through DOD (Department of Death) or multinational companies (private DOD), has affected countless indigenous people throughout the world. As the marines wanted the minerals on Pandora, so too does the US need CHamoru land all name of national security. Fear driven tactics which have overtaken the minds of all through propaganda and recruitments of our very own people. Those recruited from Micronesia, including Guam and the CNMI, have the highest death rate per capita, in the entire nation. The greatest part of the movie was the ending. The Navi was able to fight the invaders, the settlors, the US, and reclaim what was, is and forever will be theirs. When you watch the movie, try to see beyond the visual awe and breathtaking cinematography. Dig deep and try to understand, believe, and grow the urge to resist. As the military buildup is forced down our throats, keep in mind that the cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing of the CHamoru people is under way, and that as a people, we must stand together, as the Navi did, and reclaim our natural right to live, grow, raise our children, sustain our lives on our land, ocean, and skies. Only a collective effort may rid of the evil and impending destruction of our island. Fanohge!

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