Gay American Heroes – Building a Monument

The Gay American Heroes Foundation is dedicated to fighting hate crimes targeted at LGBT people.  It is raising funds to create the Rainbow Memorial, a national, traveling monument to commemorate the lives of LGBT people who have been murdered because of their sexual orientation.

“The multidimensional, mobile Memorial is over 7 feet high and more than 75 feet in length.  It includes the name, age, and geographical information of the hero on a star-shaped plaque attached to color panels.  Separating the six panels are panels of photos corresponding to the heroes named.

A Welcome Tent will provide visitors with literature, videos, and other educational materials. It provides an interactive experience, with activities such as submitting names of heroes for inclusion in the exhibit, the “Adopt-A-Hero” fund-raising drive to help families of victims, and information on local organizations and resources for the community.

The Gay American Heroes Memorial will travel to LGBT
related events, college campuses, community centers, and most
importantly, any city where a hate crime has occurred.  The
Memorial is a powerful way to inspire a dialogue and educate
communities about the serious issues facing LGBT individual”- Gay American Heroes Website

The memorial will also be a means of creating understanding and creating awareness of one of the most discriminated groups in our country’s history. Please help the cause by making a donation.

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