Robert Downey, Jr. Best Part of Sherlock Holmes Movie

Jude Law as Watson (left) and Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes ( center)

The new Sherlock Holmes movie that is out in theaters is a pretty good movie.  It has some good moments but it is not a great movie.  However, the one major standout is the performance delivered by Robert Downey, Jr.  He was able to bring out the character of Sherlock Holmes in a way that the character has never been portrayed like on the big screen.

With such nuance and naturalness, Downey inhabited the person of Sherlock Holmes with such ease that has become his  performance delivery signature with all roles he has taken during his career. He has grown in maturity in his craft and is now one of the top male actors in the industry.

He has earned the  accolade “Masterful” to describe his acting.   Go see Sherlock Holmes.  Downey’s performance is worth the admission ticket.

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