Obsession – When it Turns Destructive

What causes people to fixate on someone so much that it takes over their being and wipes out whatever common sense and self esteem they have for themselves? Recently I have seen this in a few individuals who have basically thrown all their self respect out the window by going uber crazy over someone they initially had a crush on that turned into a full on – almost fatal attraction kind of situation.

The irrational behavior reaches fever pitch when they are rejected by the object of their affection.  Their feelings of  ultra attachment turns into hurt and open bitterness.  It becomes a frenzy of texting,  calling and harassment to the person who has scorned them.  In one instance, I have seen it become violent.

None of these individuals are bad people.  They actually have great qualities.  But because they have attached their egos and their self esteem so much to their object of affection, they literally took such a huge blow when they were rejected.

No one likes being discarded. It hurts.  Everyone has gone through it.  It does not mean you are worth less or are any less wonderful.  However, falling into hateful behavior that is obsessive hurts no one but yourself and it can turn much worst.  In the long term, it is not worth it. The object of affection is not worth the collateral damage to your soul from the bitter outrage of obsession.

Yes, we are human.  This also means we can be better than our baser selves.   I hope that we can all rise above obsession.  Remember -You are fine just the way you are!

2 thoughts on “Obsession – When it Turns Destructive

  1. This is so true I can say I have done this in the past. I didn’t like the person I became thus I’ve made sure I don’t allow my heart to get so involved and my emotions get the best if me. Thanks JP for the reminder. Cheers!

  2. Mark,

    I appreciate your candid comments. I believe we have visited the same place one time in our lives. The idea is to learn, grow and improve.

    Live well, my friend!


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