Discovering “Wonderment” Again

Living on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean does give a young boy many opportunities to bask in wonderment. I  remember my wide eyed imagination as I played along the rocky coral along the shoreline as the ocean water would gather in pools between the various little crater like openings and spaces.

The beautiful fishes will be there for me to look at in these natural aquariums with the little crabs skirting along the rocks. My imagination would conjure up epics for their watery worlds as I played some weekend afternoons away while my parents barbecued nearby.

I was in wonderment about the ocean, the land, the trees, the sky and about my life.  Everything was an adventure and everything needed to be explored. I was saturated in wonderment.

As the years passed by, somehow, wonderment left me.  Sure, there have been occasions where it has crept into my life,  but not in that constant flow,  like a river rippling over me.   I am not sure why that happens when one gets older,  but I sure missed wonderment in life.

Recently, I was in a goal setting seminar that was not the usual kind where you forget everything you learn after you leave it. I was reminded how much we need to take a step back and look at what we do, and really think of what we enjoy.  Then we need to work our goals around some of those themes. These are themes we enjoy and are integral to who we are as a person.

Well, what this process did was open me up to feeling wonderment again.  You see, wonderment does not come into play unless you are really enjoying what you are doing.  That opening of mind and heart is what brings it about.

So I am getting reacquainted with wonderment. It is a happy reunion.

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