I Know a Good Man

Without fanfare and what seems like second nature to him, he does simple acts of service that are thoughtful and kind. I have been a recipient of his service for the past 11 years and it has become so normal to me that sometimes I forget the extraordinary nature of it.

He loves to teach.  He spends hours preparing his lessons, studying and researching his subject matter.  He continues to be a student never tiring about discussing the latest discovery or theory in his field.  He is absolutely alive in his career.  He cares about his teaching and he is a good teacher.  I mean he is a great teacher.

He is loyal to me and his friends.  That circle is small.  He does not take his friendships lightly and is there for them when needed.  He is not overly emotional but very consistent.  That is a powerful element in friendship.  It adds the crown to the goodness in him.

He loves simple things.  Things like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups,  a nice cold beer,  cooking a beautiful meal, Star Trek Enterprise, COPs,  and Gummy Bears.

He works out and likes to play pool.  He hates to lose.

He wants everyone to be treated equally and to have all their needs met.  He thinks that the current economic system falls short of that ideal.  That reveals his heart.  He is a good man.

He is not a perfect man.  No good men are that have lived in this world. However, I have been so lucky to know this one.  Today, I am thankful for him.

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