Walking Together

He found me picking up an item I left at a bar. I saw his familiar face and I was relieved. This past week was rough for both of us.

We were still digesting emotionally the impact of our discussion that meant the change of our relationship. Tonight I needed his friendship. He took my hand and we walked together.

Our conversation centered on our new lives but mostly on how we wanted to still be a large part of each others lives. We are more than friends. We are like family. We still lived in the same home.

The darkness of the night sky or the unsurety of the future seemed less ominous for both of us because by walking together into it, even with the changes in our lives, strengthened the chances that we will be able to meet the challenge.

Those pieces of our relationship that we can still have and nurture are still ours for the rest of our lives.

We will do it by walking together no matter where each of our paths lead us.

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