Caught In The Middle

One thing I loved about last night was the great fun I was having celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with dear friends. The jovial and free spirited nature over a few drinks after work that makes the holiday really took us over.  I think about those moments because it makes feel that the whole night was not about the moments I felt devastated.

About those other moments.  Lessons learned.  No matter your good intentions and how much you love your friends, when it comes to their personal relationships with each other, just be a good listening ear.  Do not start expressing your opinion or trying to help them out on matters of love or relationships, especially if they are both your friends.

All your good intentions never work.  Because the bottom line is , they have to work it out themselves.  If there is an emotional situation thing happening between them you will be only caught in the middle.  You will end up as collateral damage.

You love them and they love you, but when it comes to these things where there can be mis-communication, hurt feelings, and all kinds of other things. Emotions flare up.  Like any family,  things get said, people get hurt, and you leave each other feeling angry.  The wound is larger when it comes from family.  Well, the love is deeper too.

I love these friends of mine.  I sit writing this post going from anger, to hurt, to tears and then to apology.  I hate that I let myself get caught in the middle.

All I know is that I miss my friends deeply.

I am sorry.

I am so sorry.

You are my brothers, forever.

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