The Faces of Friends

Last night, I had the opportunity to go out with some of  my closest friends in the Castro District. We ended up at Marlena’s to watch our Ana Mae Cox do some outstanding performances as she always does weekend after weekend.

What I remember most about the night was looking at each of my friends’ faces. I was taking stills of these faces in my mind and in seconds thinking of how each of them has enriched my life in one way or another.  My heart was full, because I genuinely love each of these guys.

I mean we have our moments, what friends don’t, but when it comes down to it, we are so good together.  We watch out for each other.  We lift each others’ spirits.

I love to see my friends smile.  There was a lot of laughter and celebrating last night with what could have been a real downer of an evening considering some hard recent events.

Yet somehow, we pulled it together for at least a couple of hours to celebrate our friendship and the power of that friendship to meet any obstacle.  I have a feeling that some of  the burdens are known among  the friends and others are not, so these moments of pure joy and laughter help.

So these faces of friends,  were like shining angels to me in the crowds that surrounded us.  These faces that make me smile.  These faces that I love and know.

One thought on “The Faces of Friends

  1. Haus of Glitteratti rules! Charisma & the Haus of Glitteratti rule sf! ana mae needs to take the advice from valerie bertinelli and call Jenny!

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