Creating Family

When I write about creating family, I am writing not writing about that which comes from the biological method or even the adopted method.  It is the family that is created by a close group of friends that extend beyond acquaintances and even friendships.  It literally takes the forms of siblings type associations and even parental relationships in some cases.

We see it across the board everywhere.  In the LGBT community where many have been traditionally rejected by their own biological families,  we see this phenomenon manifest itself in full form.  That is why the Donna Summer song “We Are Family” became one of the gay anthems.

Within the community, we refer to each other as “Family.”   We know what that means when we say it.  It has been a means for us to unify despite our differences against the larger society that has often been the source of hatred and violence towards us simply because of who we are and who we love.

We created family for us.  In the truest sense we are because at the core we are the same.

Within my closest set of friends, I have a family.  We act like one.  We have our squabbles and disagreements,  but boy let anyone try to harm any one of us…watch out!!!!  We protect each other.  We love each other and cannot pass a day without checking in with each other, teasing one another ,  venting about something, joking,  and doing those things that families do.

We created a family with people we loved.

That is what it is really all about.  It comes back to love.

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