The Season to Rise Again

As  the Christian world focuses on celebrating their faith on their core belief of the resurrection this weekend, non-believers as well as believers can extrapolate the spirit of the idea in our lives.   I am not really talking about the literal meaning of the belief rising from the dead  but about the idea of “Rising.”

We all come to points in our life where we emerge into newer versions of ourselves often triggered by major emotional or physical events that causes a change in our inward being.  Pushing through the cocoon of the past , we have changed from caterpillars to butterflies.

The pushing part can be painful or exhilarating or both.  However the rising causes us to transform into better people if we let it happen.  This transformation process happens to most people a few times during their lives. If you embrace it,  you will feel the richness of new life every time.  If you don’t , you will simply lose out.

There is a confidence that comes from rising again, not an arrogance.  Optimism abounds and you know that the journey ahead has possibilities.

In the Christian story,  the resurrected Jesus appeared to his family and closest friends.  When we rise in our personal lives, the support of love ones is a must.  They will help with the pushing when it is hard and they will party the hardest with the celebrating of  your new life.

Easter bunnies and religious services may dominate this coming weekend, but remember the most important thing you may be doing is to rise again.

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