Why Do I Love Glee?

Tonight the show returns to TV and I am really looking forward to it.  I mean I am almost giddy about it.  How can a TV show about High School where musical numbers are part of the episodes capture my as well as a lot of America’s attention?  It really is just that good.

I don’t know if we are just tired of this still lagging economy or Sarah Palin’s constant rantings, but Glee just makes us…well…Gleeful.  There is something about the writing of the show that marries comedy, music, and drama enough to actually go from drop dead laughter to tearful, moving moments.

The music and choreography is well done and contemporary enough.  It is like America has rediscovered  musical theater on TV.  The cast is outstanding.  I have to especially call out Jane Lynch who plays the nemesis Sue Sylvester. Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester also holds his own.

Lea Michelle as Rachel Berry is also a stand out with vocal chops to match her great acting.  Corey Monteith as Finn Hudson and Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel also steal the show with some great performances.

It truly is an ensemble cast and it looks like this season more cast members will be added.

Glee is more than a guilty pleasure, it is simply good TV.  It rises above myriads of other shows across all the choices from all the channels.  It is a “forget your troubles” kind of show.  It has heart.

Yes, I love Glee and I am a Gleek.  Proud card carrying member.  Bite me!

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Glee?

  1. OMG! The two Vogue numbers are incredible! John Marshall High — so good. And you must have watched Sue Sylvester’s Vogue on fox.com. Hilarious. And what a talent Jane Lynch is! I can hardly wait for the episode to air.

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