For The Children

I have never been to a school fundraiser that was a drag show.  I did last night at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Spring Drag Show.  It was being co-produced by good friend and drag performer, Ana Mae Coxxx.  A few of the  Haus of Coxxx were there to help with backstage support.

First it was like that kind of weird dream you get after eating junk food right before sleep at night.  Here were drag queens walking around a school auditorium while parents ran a bake sale in the corner with art by school children,acting as backdrop, adorning the walls.

During the program, the principal of this alternative public school, Christina Velasco, spoke about how the $400,000 in funding cuts had impacted school operations. These types of fundraisers help to fill in the gaps left by the depleted funds so programs can continue at the school.

Student interns at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy ( Photo Courtesy of the California Academy of Science)

The Academy was named after slain civil rights leader, Harvey Milk.   Besides the normal academic goals, the school’s mission includes “teaching tolerance and non-violence; celebrating our diversity; academic excellence; strong family-school-community connections.”

The crowd begins to gather for the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Spring Drag Show Fundraiser

Student art in the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Auditorium

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Auditorium Student Art

Located right in the heart of the Castro District, some of its students are children of same sex couples.  One of the Co-Producers of the show and drag performer, Ivy Drip, spoke the following:

” I am a man.  I am a gay man.  Most importantly, I am alive.  I am married. Because of Harvey Milk I am standing here.  We have two children that are going to school here.  I am living the dream.  Now I am doing a drag show for a school fundraiser. Where else is this possible? It is like a lucid dream.  Next think you know, I will be flying.”

Drag Performers for the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Benefit ( Photo by Charles H Anderson)

Ana Mae Coxxx, U-phoria and Ivy Drip ( Photo by Charles H. Anderson)

Ivy Drip

I saw the partnership with the drag performers and the Parent Faculty Club of the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. It made me believe in the America that can be, one of tolerance and unity.

U-phoria and Ivy Drip

Ivy Drip and U-Phoria were great emcees.  The show was great and allowed the drag performers a whole auditorium to strut their stuff. The crowd was appreciative and the mantra “For the Children”  hiked up the tips ( all donated to the school).

Alexiz sells raffle tickets

There was a raffle drawing where the winner takes have the money raised.  However the winner of raffle kept $20 ( for coffee money, she said) and gave the rest of the winnings back to the school. It was that type of night.

Moses worked the lights and the crowd

Max AMillion takes the stage

Max AMillion takes the stage

I was moved  by all these people coming together to help these children.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

Ana Mae Coxxx performs for the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Fundraiser ( Photo by Charles H. Anderson)

Drag Performer Ms Ronnie takes to the stage

Ana Mae Coxx rests between performances in pink robe

Alan assists with audio and mixes with audience during intermission

Ivy Drip and Ana Mae Coxxx ( Photo bt Charles H. Anderson)

Ana Mae Coxxx ( Photo by Charles H. Anderson)

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