Our Power Selves

( Photo care of the Power of Reiki)

I was reminded by a good friend yesterday that  each of us has the power to take control of our lives and redirect it for our good.  This is counsel that I have heard before, but like many things in life, our memory of these lessons fade. Somehow the lesson is retold or repositioned again so that we may listen and remember the life changing power we all have inside ourselves.

We often entrap ourselves in a line of thinking that keeps us from progressing , changing, moving on, or improving.  We are caught in a path that only circles back into itself.   We have to get out of that circle.  It simply means stepping out of it and looking at a new path.

How many times have got caught in a circle or box thinking we could not get out and finally realizing that there really is no box and that we can break free into some other better way.

Recently, I realized that I have been following the same routine for months when I was off work.  It was always hanging out with the guys at the bars and clubs on the weekends.  I have started to mix up my weekend more to do other things on some days that will lift me and my spirits up.  It also engages me in new experiences and people.  This really has helped to give me more balance and also I am finding a lot of myself that I had forgotten about when I went into these whirlwind crazy weekends out and about.

To rediscover the fact and to feel the Power that lies within me has really helped me to gain confidence in meeting life’s challenges.  We all have it in us.

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