Pride and the Road to Equal Rights

© Krohn

As Pride celebrations continue throughout most of the country and many parts of the world ( San Francisco’s Pride weekend is coming up),  I am cognizant that with the long strides that have been made in civil rights for the LGBT community we are still very much a minority faced with legislated bigotry and second class citizenry.

With issues in our country like DADT, Marriage, Health Care, Immigration , Adoption and other critical policies and constitutional questions being decided that is affecting the LGBT community, I hope we all take time during these celebrations to be resolved to continue the fight for equality.

We cannot be apathetic or complacent.  Our very place in society and our futures are being decided and we must hold our ground to make sure that the most critical civil rights movement of our times is successful.

The debates will continue to be heated and we will need to be stronger.  We know that most of what is being used to kill our rights is originated in hate and ignorance. We are being stereotyped by a slew of salacious propaganda to make us less than who we are to justify their actions against us.

We will win this fight, if we remain focus and united.  When that day comes,  we can finally unfurl the rainbow flag of diversity on that mountaintop with PRIDE!

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