Remembering Reina

The Gravesite of Reina Leddy

My brother David asked me and my daughter, Annette to accompany him to his former wife’s grave site.   We had recently attended a Catholic ceremony commemorating  the First Year Anniversary of her death.  My brother has made a daily visit to her grave site since that time taking care of it and using the time to reflect and I am sure to grieve.

David Leddy tending to the grave site of his love and wife, Reina Leddy

I cannot imagine what it has been like for him.  Reina had passed away suddenly with no warning.  They were the epitome of  a  happily wedded couple truly in love since high school.  She was our sister.

Annette Leddy and David Leddy at Reina Leddy's grave site

Our brother Tim, joined us a little later.  This private family moment was draped with the realization of how much we have missed Reina. Personally, it was also a time for me to ponder the unique journey my brother has been on since her death.  These moments were poignant.

Pictures were taken.  That is all I can write now.

JP Leddy and Annette Leddy at Reina Leddy's grave site

JP Leddy, David Leddy and Tim Leddy at Reina Leddy's grave site

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