My Father’s Birthday – Remembering

Herbert Sablan Leddy

My daughter and I had the opportunity to stop by the Veteran’s cemetery in Guam to visit the grave site of my father, Herbert Sablan Leddy.  He passed away when I was only 23 years old and my daughter was a four month old toddler.  We dropped by on his birthday, July 5th.

JP Leddy at his father's grave site

There is no question that I miss him.  He died because of complications resulting from a rare muscular degenerative disease.  He was relatively young when he died , still in his forties.

Annette Leddy at her grandfather's grave site

Those quiet , solemn moments at the cemetery with my daughter with memories of my dad on his birthday are now locked in my heart.

JP Leddy at the Veteran's Cemetery in Guam visiting his father's grave site

2 thoughts on “My Father’s Birthday – Remembering

  1. I appreciated your comments regarding the visit to your father’s grave. It reminded me a similar time for myself when I visted my own father’s grave, also in a Veteran’s cemetary in Louisiana. I had a rather memorable re-connect and it reminded me of a relationship in days past that ended all too soon. It was moving experience. My father died when I was in my 20’s also. It is good to think of him now. Thanks so much for sharing!

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