Together We Stand

Photo by: fishbiscuit_photos

Together We Stand

by: JP Leddy

Laughter skips into our memories

as we drink together and toast

with flowing liquor in crowded watering holes

to our shared stories of love won and love lost

We jest not to hurt our hearts so tender

but to lift our frowns to smiles

so that we can help each other face

life’s blows and ever coming trials

Grudzień 2008

We are simply friends , tried and true

who love each other, even when it hurts,

through all our foibles and mishaps

we remain loyal, no matter who diverts

“One For All

All For One”

“Drink Up!

Together We Stand!”

© JP Leddy

Submitted to : Monday’s Poetry Potluck : Kings and Queens

19 thoughts on “Together We Stand

  1. Awesome. JP Leddy, your outstanding. I am a retired Sailor, and gay. I’ve been with my partner for almost 23 years this coming February 2011. BTW, I know your mother Joyce, her and I are Cathests.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Harold,

    I appreciate your comments so much. Congratulations to you and your partner! That is great that you know mom and share similar service in the Church. I wish you all the best.


  3. i have friends like that who stood by me through thick and thin, through sobriety or intoxication. they remind us how to enjoy life when a simple smile seemed daunting. this is a lovely tribute to enduring friendship.

    Medieval Mist

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